Are you in a rut? Have you been trying to get the ball rolling in your life, but things keep bringing you down? Do you have a goal in mind but can’t seem to gain any ground? A mindset coach like Susan Theresa, serving the Pennsylvania area, can help! Susan is a certified mindset coach with a ton of experience. But what is the difference between a mindset coach and a lifestyle coach?


A lifestyle coach assists you in controlling all aspects of your life. These include finances, relationships, and daily activities. They dive deep into your personal life and give you straightforward answers on what to do. A mindset coach dives into your mind. They help you understand your behaviors, your inner turmoil, and advise on how to change these behaviors. A mindset coach, such as Susan Theresa, believes that modifying behavior and working through mind blocks can help you achieve your goals.
Mental Blocks

Sometimes we all feel like we can do nothing correctly. We look at a project, and our mind tells us we are not good enough. A lifestyle coach bypasses your inner thoughts and moves directly towards step-by-step instruction to achieve your goal. A mindset coach will discover why you are blocking your success and give you techniques to feel more confident and heighten your self-esteem. They work within your mind to help you remove those devastating blocks.

Final Goals

The end goal is essential for all of us to achieve. We have particular ambitions that we want to succeed in. A lifestyle coach gives you a set plan. They tell you how to achieve your goals, whether it be in business or your personal life. With a mindset coach, you might have inner struggles that are blocking your aspirations to be successful. These could be childhood trauma, loss in adulthood that you cannot move past, or poor self-esteem. The main difference between a lifestyle coach and a mindset coach is that a mindset coach gives you the confidence to succeed. Whatever hinders your ability to achieve your goals, Susan Theresa will help you work through it for a brighter tomorrow.

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